Thursday, 16 October 2014

Introducing the Minolta X-300

This camera represents the most complex piece of equipment I own. It takes a battery for goodness sakes! Here is some information via Camerapedia. This was the second film camera I bought after the Smena 8M and I spent a little while building up a small collection of things like filters, a flash and a tripod to go with it. Before I even start the introduction I will say that I love this camera. All my others are toys in some way. Some are one trick ponies and all are limited in a way that this one isn't. It's my grown up camera. Because of this, I'm actually yet to shoot a roll of really decent film through it because I want to know how to use it properly first. I have some Ektar 100 sitting around that will be perfect when I am ready and when the right trip presents itself. For now I'm just playing around with Poundland Agfa Vista 200 film. Which is what all the images to come were shot on.

This is definitely my 'going somewhere unusual/ interesting camera. It's been to abandoned textile factories, feritlizer warehouses, the south of France and wooden homes in the middle of nowhere. I take it whenever I want to know I can take reliably good photos. I don't use it very often though. It's got its own bag which is more of a pain to carry around and it takes longer to set shots up so I do use it sparingly.

Old Fisons Fertiliser Warehouse, Ipswich (poor colours definitely due to my negative scanner)

Lee-Over-Sands, St Osyth, Essex 

Looking at these photos it is clear to see how far I still have to go with this camera and I look forward to experimenting whenever I can.

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