Monday, 6 October 2014

Matchbox Pinhole

I find matchbox pinholes really difficult to get right. It might be because I'm constantly unsure as to how small is too small for the pinhole or because I'm too impatient to steady the camera or point it at only interesting subject matters but whatever the reason I usually will only get two or three okay shots off of any roll of film. Not a great hit rate I'm sure you'll agree.  To be honest, I've made a few of these now and I'm not sure how many more I will do if the results continue to be as discouraging as these. Sigh. So that having been said, have a couple of the better photos I've managed to take with one...

View from a roof which I was definitely meant to be on. DEFINITELY. Ahem. 

Can anyone tell me what all the junk is in the foreground? I don't remember it being there. Which is in no way creepy. 

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