Thursday, 26 February 2015

I've Noticed You Around

This photo is a sad representation of what was me repeatedly spotting a man dressed in a bright red jumpsuit all around town and finally getting up the nerve to ask him if I could take his photo as he walked past my favourite shooting spot and I thought 'serendipity.' Unfortunately he wasn't that keen to stick around so I only got one shot and I'm not sure it's really done the job in capturing him. Bugger. That is always going to be the problem with shooting on the street.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Mystery of the Man With the Ankh

The first of these photos, He Wore An Ankh, I've already shared on Flickr. The second is an outtake from that roll, the man revealing his Ankh to me. Both are quite interesting pictures but the face only one is more in keeping with the work I'm currently producing. But is it the one which the subject of the photo would like best?  In this case the man felt his Ankh necklace was worthy of unbuttoning his coat for.  This is how he wished to be represented. So should I have only shared that photo? Or neither if I didn't feel it fitted my theme? Or after they are taken is it up to me to choose what I wish to represent photographically and which image best suits that purpose? How important is it that the person being photographed gets to decide how they are portrayed? Or is the photograph a work of fiction/art to the point where it no longer matters and it is only about my intention as a photographer? I don't know the answer yet but I do know I am going to have to think more carefully about this in the future if these are the sorts of portraits I am going to be taking...

 The Man With the Ankh

The Man With the Ankh on Display

Friday, 20 February 2015

Inspiration #3 February

Because February is bleak and seemingly endless my photographic inspiration for this month seems to follow suit. I feel as if I need to be shooting more Foma 200 pushed to 800 and have everything black and white.

 Alexey Titarenko
 Francesca Woodman
 Lena Herzog- because it's Tim Roth!

Anders Petersen

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Portraits of a BadCatt

Here are a couple of portraits of my lovely partner and fellow photographer BadCatt Taken on Fuji Superia X-Tra 800, the outside shot is on expired film and the other one is not. I'm really falling for this film type. If you don't mind the slight lean towards blue or if you want to use that to your advantage then it's a pretty nice film to shoot in a wide variety of lighting conditions and with a nice level of grain to it.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Close Up Street Portrait #1

Recently I've been trying to conquer my fear of asking people if I can take their picture when out shooting on the street. Whilst I don't mind shooting without asking too much- there is an element of excitement to photographing without permission, I feel as if for the portraits I want to capture, I need to be able to get in closer to my subjects. I'm shooting with a 50mm lens and a very wide aperture so to capture a person I need to be much closer than can reasonably be achieved without asking. This photograph is from my first roll in which I started to do this. What I like about it is how mournful he looks. I wish I had looked more at the background though. I feel as if he could do with standing out more. Still, hopefully this is just the beginning. 

Friday, 13 February 2015

Organising Flickr

When I first started this blog I was just throwing images without much care onto Flickr just so I could have content and because I was proud of being able to produce anything at all with a film camera. However only six months later I'm entirely rethinking that approach. As I am only using the Minolta X-300 for this year and trying hard to concentrate on taking photos I think are interesting and technically accomplished I've also begun looking at what I was producing before and asking how representative it is of what I do or want to do. As such, over the past few days I've begun to reorganise and delete a lot of my old photos. Taking my photostream from somewhere near 110 images to just over 30. That has meant having to re upload any photos to this blog that were once hosted by Flickr and I've since deleted. This is a lot of photos. I think the process has been worth it though. Scrolling through my diminished Flickr I'm pretty proud of most of the photos either for what they are or for what they represent at what is still the beginning of my journey as a photographer. 

Screenshot from my revised Flickr feed with some portraits of Colcestrians I've still to show you. 

Monday, 9 February 2015


The photo I am going to share today (from the same HP5 roll as the previous post) is one which BadCatt and I have been disagreeing over. I say it's an alright portrait but nothing special but he really really likes it and I don't understand why. Sure it's got a decent tonal range and she has an interesting face but essentially it's just nothing more than a nice picture of a woman on the street. Right?

Friday, 6 February 2015


My latest roll of film has been a home developed roll of HP5 that I shot over a couple of days last week. For the first half of the film Badcatt and I went out into town and photographed strangers and the second half was a trip with my band to the coast to get some field recordings. Essentially we went fishing for sound.

This shot is one of the first I took on the roll. For some reason that day I was feeling really hesitant to ask people if I could photograph them. Until this guy came along and I realised I had to stop being stupid and just ask him. I'm glad that I did! 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Accidentally Expired Film

Because I'm not the richest of people I'm always looking for a film bargain and so when I saw a roll of pretty cheap Fuji Superia X-Tra 800 going on Ebay I snaffled it up. Snaffled without first looking at the expiry date. My bad. This one expired in 2007. Not quite what I was looking for. Especially considering that I didn't know how it had been stored and the film would definitely have lost some sensitivity over the 7 or so years it has been out of date. So I didn't have particularly high hopes when I shot through the roll. 

The day BadCatt and I wet out to shoot was freezing cold and overcast and probably entirely wrong for taking photographs at all and for the first half of the roll I just didn't know what to shoot and everything felt like crap. Eventually I took one photo that I thought might be okay and from there, mentally at least I felt like I was improving. 

Anyway, when it came to developing and scanning the film I was pretty surprised to see that some of the images were actually okay. The emulsion was doing something weird though in that it picked up yellow really clearly and green hardly at all. I can't wait to shoot this film again but an in date roll and see what it does. 

Here are a couple of shots I took as it started to get darker out. Not great, but interesting for the colours and ability in low light,,.