Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Flash Problems

Recently I decided to try out the Flash I got ages ago for my Minolta X-300. It is a Minolta Auto Electroflash 118-X Flash. I linked to the manual in my last post. In theory it should have worked fine. I set all the functions to what they should have been. Tried a couple of test rolls, one at 400 (pushed Ilford FP4) and one and one Fuji Neopan 100. Both rolls turned out awfully underexposed and I have no idea why. Especially for the second one I was really careful that everything was set right. I know they were set right. Is there a reason why the flash might not fire properly (it certainly fired) or might fire out of sync perhaps with the camera? I don't really want to try again and waste another roll of film if the same thing is going to happen.

I'll post a couple of scans below. The first is as the image came out of the scanner and the second is with heavy editing to try to salvage any part of the image.

Anyone who feels like they might know what I did wrong, please please do let me know.

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