Friday, 29 April 2016

Building A Pinhole Camera

I'm no stranger to pinhole cameras. I've produced a fair few matchboxes in my time and my first ever college photography project was to make a shoebox pinhole camera (coming up 12 years ago now though so no chance that the resulting images remain.)  Last week's attempt however was the first time I've sat down to create a box from scratch.
pinhole plan sketched quickly in Starbucks 

I very quickly put together the shell from an old cardboard box and the pinhole from a slice of coke can. I then made a frame for the paper to sit in which slotted in through a hole in the top. 

box minus frame- note the snazzy Agfa Vista 200 box lens cap slider

This was then made light tight by the addition of my Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band bandana. 

I'm calling the camera Rosalita... 

The finished photograph was in negative because that's how the paper prints but now that I've tested it I've bought some Harmen Photo Positive paper so am going to try giving that a go when I get the time.

negative image- 6 minute exposure in bright sunlight

inverted in Photoshop from a poorish quality phone photograph. 

I know it's a bit difficult to see from these photos but I'm pretty happy with the sharpness of the image. This means I've got my pinhole about the right size which I tend to struggle with when making the matchboxes. Let's see how they look when I'm printing in positive though. That will be the real test. 

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